Yesterday I received an email from Nissan regarding the introduction of its new electric car named the LEAF, plus the pricing for the new car. Pricing for the car will start at $32,780 for the cheapest model. Nissan lists the price for the low priced model at $25,280 which included the deduction of a federal credit which is $7,500. Another option that is being made is that the car can be leased for $349 a month. There is an additional cost of $2,200 for a charging station, which also may come with a $2,000 federal credit as well.

The press release from Nissan also states:

“Imagine the possibility of never needing to go to a gas station again. Or of paying less than $3 for 100 miles behind the wheel. Or of creating zero emissions while driving,” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, NNA. “Nissan leads the industry by offering the first affordable, zero-emission vehicle for the mass market. Nissan LEAF truly is in a class by itself.”

The vehicle at the standard SV trim level is well-equipped with a variety of standard features, including an advanced navigation system and Internet/smart phone connectivity to the vehicle, including pre-heat/pre-cool and charging control. Nissan LEAF is equipped with energy-efficient LED headlights and makes extensive use of recycled and recyclable materials, such as seat fabric, instrument panel materials, and front- and rear-bumper fascias. Other standard amenities include Bluetooth connectivity; Intelligent-key with push button start; Sirius/XM satellite radio capabilities and roadside assistance. Safety features include vehicle dynamic control (stability control), traction control and six airbags. The SL trim level, available for an additional $940 (MSRP), adds features including rearview monitor, solar panel spoiler, fog lights, and automatic headlights.

The press release from Nissan also stated that those who live in California may also get an additional $5,000 credit from the state. I would venture a guess that these cars and other cars such as the Chevy Volt will be selling like hot cakes in the Golden State.

So what do you think? Will you be interested in an all electric car?

Comments welcome.