The problems at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) are well known. However, when stated in terms of financial loss, the growing debt is staggering. The projected debt by 2020 is in the hundreds of billions:

“… For most of its history, the USPS has not only delivered mail, but profits, too. Though not any more. In 2008, the agency began losing money. By the end of this fiscal year, it will have lost another $7 billion and will owe the government $13.8 billion. By 2020, the USPS will have lost an eye-popping $238 billion.

link: Lost in the Mail

Has the Postal Service outlived its usefulness in the technological age? When was the last time that snail mail was absolutely necessary for you?

The USPS will have more problems as the generations of email / internet users grows and the demographic which uses snail mail dwindles. A partial solution is the elimination of the Saturday deliveries. However, to regain profitability, the USPS may have to restructure its business model dramatically. This service simply cannot continue with annual debt in the billions.

Catherine Forsythe