The AMD Fusion Media Explorer is an excellent way to browse all of your media. It lets you explore your content from your computer, or from social media sites such as Flickr, YouTube, and Microsoft Live. There is Facebook integration included. This allows you to post and interact with your pictures on Facebook… or with those your friends have posted.

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The application doesn’t only work for pictures. You can use the built-in search engine to find videos, movies and television shows to watch. Use FME to listen to your favorite music using the AutoDJ feature. Choose an artist or genre, and AutoDJ will build a playlist just for you, much like what Pandora does.

You can also find the videos, movies and television shows you want to watch using the integrated search engine or 3D Ribbon. Watch your selected content on a full screen, or send it to the Mini player so that you can continue surfing the Web while your choice is playing.

Thanks go to everyone at AMD for helping me to attend the SXSW conference, and for taking the time to showcase so many of their new technologies for our community.

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