I’m busy. You’re busy. Everyone is busy these days. We have entirely too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all in. We could all use a virtual assistant, and Siri is here to fill the gap in our lives.

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Ask Siri to do something (by text or speech) and it will do it. Do you need a taxi in an hour? That’s not a problem. Just tell Siri and the cab will be waiting. It takes only a few seconds to accomplish these simple tasks, which is much faster than if you had to look up a number and make a call to do them. Once you confirm that Siri understands what you asked, it will give you what you asked for faster than you can decide what you want for dinner.

I have this app myself, and have been using it often since I became more acclimated to it at SXSW. I can almost guarantee you will come to rely on it as much as I do.

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