We’ve all heard throughout our entire lives how important it is to have a budget and stick to it, and whether we’ve paid attention to that advice or not, we’re all getting a reality check right now due to the topsy-turvy state of the economy. If you don’t have an established budget yet, then there’s no better time than the present to get one going. Of course, with so many personal finance tools out there, you might be tempted to just close your eyes and point at one in order to make a decision. No matter which tools you end up choosing, a service called PocketSmith will help you to look at your finances in an interesting way.

PocketSmith revolves around a calendar that helps you to forecast your future cash position. By placing your planned income and expenses as dates on a calendar, you can get a good idea of what shape your finances will be in from six months to a year down the road. You can also upload your account activity to see how you’re doing and keep track of your progress with your plans and goals. Having a clear vision of where your finances are going to be months down the road in this way helps you to make smart decisions now and in the future.