Was the launch for the Apple iPad premature? There have been numerous complaints and disappointments about the iPad. The most damaging user complaint may be the issues surrounding Wi-Fi.

It is no surprise that competitors are responding. Hewlett-Packard has released hints of what can be expected on its new tablet style PC:

“… It appears to show that HP’s yet-to-be-named slate PC has a built-in video camera, USB ports, support for SD cards, music player software, and direct integration with social media and file-sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr.

Unlike the iPad, HP’s yet-to-be-named tablet PC will also support Adobe’s Flash multimedia format.

link: HP’s ‘iPad Killer’ Features Video Camera

Apple may have lead the way into this niche market. However, it may have supplied its competitors with invaluable information about what the market place demands. And one thing is obvious – the product must function out of the box. The word “recall” is not something that needs to be heard only days after a product launch.

Catherine Forsythe