Apple has revealed the sale figures of its brand new tablet computer, the iPad, two days after the much anticipated product was launched in the United States. Despite the generally bad publicity that the iPad received running up to the launch on April 3, Apple has announced some staggering figures with regards to the purchases of the device and its amentities.

Apple has said that it sold over 300,000 iPads by midnight of April 3, including sales from pre-orders, deliveries to channel partners and sales made at Apple Retail Stores across the United States. Although it has not offered the exact number sold on each platform, the team of one analyst said that they counted about 730 Apple customers queuing up at the company’s Fifth Avenue store in New York waiting to be one of the first to get their hands on the product.

Not just that, but Apple has also announced that they sold one million applications from its App Store to new iPad users during the first day, and sold over 250,000 eBooks through their new iBookstore. If I’m honest, these numbers are overwhelming. Granted, new iPad users would want to start filling up their new tablet devices, but the first iPad was only in the hands of customers from 9am New York time. This is a massive success story so far for Jobs and his team – many reviews on the internet already are quite positive, and Steve has said that the device is “going to be a game-changer”. Certainly, Amazon’s Kindle device is going to have to fall dramatically in price if it’s ever going to beat the iPad, and I certainly would never consider buying a Kindle over this device. Although its not quite the 700,000 iPads that one analyst estimated, it has hit the estimation of many other professionals and, although living in the UK means that I haven’t been able to make a review of as yet, these numbers are quite fascinating.

Are you an iPad user? What do you think of the iPad? Are you waiting eagerly for an iPad? Would you prefer the WiFi or 3G version? Do you think the iPad is a great or a terrible product? Were the early expectations of bloggers and journalists correct? Are you amazed by these numbers? Let us know what you think, leave a comment.

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