I know that there is an analogue to this in the world of high performance cars. What I refer to is the phenomenon where something is objectively providing very little difference in objectively measured results, yet those who use the product find it a must have, because there is something in the “feel” that makes the user believe that performance is better, without question.

The Killer Network Card, originally from Bigfoot Networks, must be something like that. If it were not so, we would not be seeing yet another manufacturer coming out with a variation of the original, for the gaming public. The original card was more expensive, and early testing from several sources showed minor gains in the areas usually measured to ascertain performance. This iteration, following the one from EVGA a couple of years ago, is from Leadtek (holders of the WinFast brand), and is described in a piece on TechConnect

Teaming up with Bigfoot Networks, Nvidia board partner Leadtek is expanding its product offer to include the WinFast Killer Xeno Pro, a PCI-Express x1 network card that’s claimed to provide smoother, more responsive online gameplay. Leadtek’s Gigabit Ethernet card makes use of a 400 MHz-clocked NPU (network processing unit) that offloads packet processing for better latency, has 128MB of DDR2 (266 MHz) memory, is Windows 7-ready and features Hardware Bandwidth Control technology smoothens the online experience across all Internet applications – VoIP, streaming video, downloads and web surfing – even while gaming.
“The WinFast Killer Xeno Pro appeals to gamers at every level of expertise and all players benefit from its plug-and-play installation, which gets them into the game with minimum downtime. Competitive gamers appreciate the ability to adjust performance using Intelligent Bandwidth Control. We anticipate strong demand for this powerful and innovative networking technology,” said K.S. Lu, CEO of Leadtek.
The WinFast Killer Xeno Pro is shipping to Taiwan, Korea and Japan where it should cost around $100.

It undoubtedly will ship here, also, as the rabid gamer, with more money than he knows what to do with it, is not a phenomenon peculiar to the Orient.

As I said, it may be a “feeling” that people get, and perhaps is a performance parameter that the reviews extant are not measuring. If you have any personal experience with this item, please hit the comments, and share your feelings on the Killer Network Card.


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