If you’re new to the world of iPod, iPhone and your new iPad, you’ll find these tips useful.

1. Arrange icons – Tap and hold any icon to move it around the home screen to a better spot.

2. Quick period – When entering text, instead of typing a period then a space at the end of a sentence, simply press Space twice and the period is inserted automatically.

3. Type accented characters – Tap and hold a letter on the keyboard to access the accented versions.

4. Lock caps lock – Double tap Shift to lock the caps lock. Tap it once more to undo.

5. Cut, Copy & Paste – Tap and hold the first word, then drag your finger along the text you wish to copy. Select Cut or Copy as desired. Tap and hold the area you wish to paste, then tap Paste.

6. Prevent syncing when attaching to computer – Press and hold Command + Option (Mac), Shift + Control (PC) until iPad appears in  iTunes.

7. Save image in Safari – Tapping and holding an image on a web page will enable you to save it.

8. Access shuffle and repeat song functionality – Tap the Album art on the Now Playing screen.

9. Quick scroll to top of web page – In Safari, you can tap the status bar at the top of the screen for a quick trip to the top of the page.

10. Force quit apps – Press and hold Sleep/Wake until the red slider appears, then press and hold Home until the application you are using exits.

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