When is our U.S. Congress going to wake up and get off of their butts to handle the broadband and net neutrality issues once and for all? In the recent court decision against the FCC and their right to regulate Comcast, it is not just a FCC vs Comcast situation. It is a United States of America problem that hinders our country from competing with the rest of the world. It is the problem that our major telecommunications entities are not going to provide services to all of America and not just where the money is.

In a recent article it also states that:

Comcast and the other carriers will be emboldened to continue what they’ve started: the subjugation of America’s broadband future to their interests and those of their entertainment industry partners and subsidiaries. Our second-class status in broadband will soon be even worse if they get what they want: turning the Internet to a television-on-steroids system where control is in the middle, where the edges of the networks — that is you and me — do what the center tells us we may do.

The cable and phone companies have built networks from the favored position of having been government-granted monopolies. They are an effective duopoly — wireless providers can’t provide the same bandwidth and they are trapped by the oligopoly (carrier owned, to a major extent) in the backbone networks — and they are going to use it for their benefit, not ours.

Some are saying that this is just another example of more government control. That the government is going to try and control free speech by hindering Comcast and the way they do business. I respect those opinions and usually I also am concerned about to much government in our lives. But we are in competition with all of the world when it comes to the Internet. We need to be able and provide access for everyone in the U.S. no matter where they live.

If this wasn’t the case than rural America should still have dirt roads whilce the major cities enjoy freeways.

What do you think?

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