Could this be the foot back in the PC hardware door? Whether or not, it is good to see the IBM name associated with hardware for the home user again. The netbook looks like it provides adequate performance, and sits at a price point that will bring many sales for entry level computers for those not previously owning their own.

The Atom processor will do everything a netbook needs to do, and the capacious hard drive means that those wishing to dual boot with a Microsoft OS will be able to do so. It also means that the many things that the younger set collects will not be squeezed off the machine for some time.


We have mentioned about low cost netbooks such as the one offered by SungWorld and Jointech but If you still prefer to have X86 architecture based netbook solution like those being delivered by famous Intel Atom , you may be interested on this piece of news. Just recently, IBM has collaborated with Simmtronics and Canonical with a new development of an extremely low cost Intel Atom N270 based netbook targeted for budget users.

As similar to other commonly available netbooks in existing market, the new machine will be equipped with a 10.1-inch LCD display with 1024 x 768 resolutions. Powered by Intel Atom N270 that running at 1.6GHz maximum frequency, it provides sufficient CPU resource to handle normal office applications as well as web browsing. Further backed up by 1GB DDR2 memory RAM and 160GB hard disk drive, it is quite similar to other existing netbooks which seems to enjoy much higher profit margin as compared to this cost-down version. Some other specifications include commonly available USB and Ethernet ports, a three-cell battery pack, a 1.3MP webcam and many more. Another great feature that worth to be mentioned here including an IBM client for Smart Work that combines IBM Lotus Symphony with LotusLive cloud services. However, it doesn’t mention about WiFi module which could be quite an important feature for true mobile computing without relying on wired network.

The unit comes with Ubuntu, which is a good start for many, though I might like to use something that would provide a little more zip considering the processor and RAM. ZenWalk would be my first choice, as it provides power and speed, without too much encumbrance.

At $190 list price, it might drop for some to allow a copy of XP (Home, not Pro) to find its way onto the machine while fitting within the under $200 price point. BTW, if this does not have wi-fi, it would not be a deal breaker, because 11n to USB adapters for notebooks are not that expensive, and having a bad 11g implementation would seriously hamper sales of this unit.


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