Google appears to have a winner in its Chrome browser, which now has a 6% user rating when compared to all browsers. So what makes Chrome so popular? Why is Chrome trumping such browsers as Opera and Safari? Is it because Google continues to mystify users with its products and applications? While Firefox still commands a 24% market share, will it be very long before Google catches up? These and other questions remain as we enter into another browser war of sorts as more people head to alternatives to using IE.

A recent article also states:

While most browsers rose a fraction of a percent, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continued to decline, losing almost a whole percent over the past month alone.

The article also states that:

But others said they still stick with Firefox due to a few key features — such as Firebug and certain extensions — that Chrome doesn’t have yet. Others complained that Chrome was unstable or couldn’t handle certain websites or user behaviors as well as Firefox. And some of those in the enterprise are still bound to IE, at least during business hours.

Some are claiming that Chrome gained popularity when Google issued a Mac version recently, which could explain the increase in share.

But what do you think? Have you made the switch and why?

I am personally staying with Firefox because for me it is like an old friend, tried and true. Just my two cents.

Comments welcome.