I have a lot of respect for designers. They can express their ideas through design in ways that are astounding. Many designers (especially those who are freelance) tend to work by themselves, and the only design interactions that they may have are with their clients. A lot of designers work well like this, but other designers might enjoy sharing their work with other designers and being inspired by what they’re creating. A site called Dribbble lets designers share what they’re working on with their peers.

While you’re designing something, you can grab a small screenshot of your progress and upload it to Dribbble for other designers to comment on. They can even expand your design with their own interpretation. This feedback can prove to be very helpful and may provide ways in which you can improve your work. In order to join Dribbble, you have to be invited by a member. This helps to keep the community at the highest level possible, so if you’re a fantastic designer, you may have already been invited.