One of the enjoyable parts about being involved with a site like Lockergnome, is the ability to present an opinion about what the newspapers would have us believe is ‘hot news’. In order to not enter into a discussion about what exactly ‘hot news’ is, I’ll present my own definition of what I feel ‘hot news’ is. ‘Hot news’ would include first reports of any¬† major world or local event that is of interest to most who read or view it and the report is made immediately following the event.

I am being facetious in the title of this article, Hot News – Can We Even Speak Of It, but it appears to me that some folks would be happy if this were the case. The problem being is that newspapers seem to feel that they and they alone hold the rights to when news happens and that their right is absolute. In a recent article it states that:

When an aggregator like Google News publishes newspaper headlines, is the company treading on thin ice? What about aggregators that publish headlines and a one-line excerpt? What about those that simply rewrite the facts contained in the story and publish a new account in their own words?

I don’t believe that anyone would suggest that violating copyright law is O.K. But what I do argue is that newspapers chose posting their news on the Internet for all to see. Magazines did the same thing. Neither had any idea what would happen when they chose to do this. I am sure the feeling was that we have to get our stuff on the Internet because, well because, it is the latest craze, fade, whatever the thinking was. Now that the newspapers and magazines are getting bit in the butt, they cry foul.

The Internet is a different ball game than what the newspapers and magazines have previously had to deal with. We must not forget that the Internet involves the entire world and not just a single location. I do not believe that if all newspapers or magazines were to pull their news from the Internet that we consumers would still not get the news instantly without their content.

This is just my 2 cents.

Comments welcome.