I have watched Digg evolve and then in my opinion, de-evolve when it started getting into mindless aspects of the Web. But the one constant was that it went from being a clever idea into more of a Yahoo! like portal. The worst of it had to be when Digg started banning people from posting, often without any warning or clear defining reason.

Starting now, this is about to change. Jay, the previous CEO, has moved on. And now the site’s initial creator and founder is back at the helm. Among the changes Digg will be unbanning domains and not blocking them in the future.

Perhaps if we can see Kevin improving the incredibly poor choices for front page Digg articles and a greater focus on what made Digg successful when it first started, Digg could end up doing very well from a user perspective.

On the plus side, Kevin Rose inherits a company in a strong financial position. Despite the ads not being very targeted, the revenue is apparently going well regardless. So I am going to be hopeful that Kevin can really take Digg forward and make things work for all involved.

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