Once again Rupert Murdoch is threatening to set up paywalls to protect his news from being exploited by Google and Microsoft, that he claims is stealing his stuff. In a recent article Mr. Murdoch once again is touting that he will do this to protect all journalists and newspapers from the theft of news and what he claims is a violation of copyright law. In a recent statement he states:

“We are going to stop people like Google or Microsoft or whoever from taking stories for nothing … there is a law of copyright and they recognise it,” Murdoch told a packed audience of students, journalists and other media professionals.

He said search engines had tapped into a “river of gold” by aggregating content but that the days of free news had to come to an end. “They take [news content] for nothing. They have got this very clever business model,” he said.

Mr. Murdoch has been threatening setting up paywalls for sometime now. Why doesn’t he just do it instead of talking about it? One reason could be that he and his minions know that once those paywalls go up their revenues are going to sink like a stone. The second reason is that someone, somewhere, [I’ll pick on China] will set up a news agency that will steal HIS news and post it on the Internet. Since some countries have no qualms about violating human rights, does  anyone think they will adhere to copyright laws?

What’s Murdoch going to do than? Sue China?

If he really believes that Google and Microsoft are violating copyright law, why hasn’t he sued them? Is he afraid that a court may not uphold his theory of copyright?

Another option that even Google has presented is simple. Mr. Murdoch can block his sites from being scanned by Google or anyone. Why hasn’t Mr. Murdoch did this?

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