The Internet is all about communication in different ways, shapes, and forms, and services like Twitter have become popular because they make communication simple, quick, and widespread. All it takes is a few seconds to write a tweet that reaches all of your followers and the Twitter community at large. That’s pretty crazy when you really stop and think about it, but it’s the reality for people today. A service called DailyBooth wants to make communicating with pictures as easy as communicating with text.

I would sort of describe DailyBooth as Twitter for pictures. Just like with Twitter, you can follow and be followed, and it’s nice to see pictures because they usually help you to learn more about a person. Viewers of photos can comment using text but they can also include a picture with their comment, which helps to keep the focus on the pictures. DailyBooth seems to have found a niche with young people, but it would work well for anyone. When you see the world through pictures, you get a better understanding of what’s going on.