Today, memory manufacturer GSkill announced DDR3 memory at 2500MHz. Though the target is ostensibly P55 Intel systems, I’m sure that many AMD users will be purchasing the memory to get a little extra oomph from their systems.

GSKill happens to be my favorite brand of memory, as I have never seen a bad stick of this brand, and I cannot say that for any other brand, including Crucial and Kingston. What I can’t say is how well RMAs are handled, because there have been none. (I will say that Kingston is a delight to work with on RMAs, so major snaps to them for that!)

Getting back to the memory of this article, the only downside I can see is that the heat spreaders are very tall, and as such may interfere with some CPU heatsink and fan combinations.


G.Skill has today claimed the stock speed crown by announcing that it has developed a DDR3 memory kit working at 2500 MHz. Targeting PC enthusiasts running on P55-based systems, the new dual-channel DDR3-2500 kit operates at 1.65V, and is part of the Trident series which means it makes use of some top-notch aluminum heatsinks for efficient and yet passive cooling.

“G.Skill is dedicated to continuously developing the best performance memory modules on the market, to satisfy the demands of extreme overclockers and gamers. We are proud of the continual milestones we are still setting in the memory industry, and we believe the collaboration with ASUS brings the best technology synergy for future product development,” said Tony Chou, Senior R&D Manager at G.Skill.

G.Skill’s DDR3-2500 Trident memory kit is not yet priced or dated but it will surely come with a lifetime warranty.

I’m certain of that also, as every piece of GSkill I’ve ever seen, used, or purchased for client usage was covered by a full lifetime warranty.


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