The devices supporting USB 3.0 speeds have tested well. Yet according to CNET, we continue to see a real hangup when looking to push forth the needed adoption of the latest USB standard, USB 3.0.

Sadly, the fact of the matter is that there is a real hangup with support coming from Intel. The problem is so bad that Intel has gone on record stating that you can expect to NOT see support for these devices until 2011/next version of Windows. So because Intel is not yet supporting this in its chipsets, this means even though the devices are working now, you will not have support for them.

Meanwhile, the underdog of the world, AMD, will be supporting USB 3.0 in what sounds like a much faster time frame. The brilliance of the AMD move is that this will not be motherboard dependent — rather, a card that is handled via PCI Express, completely destroying Intel’s entire argument for waiting.

Those folks looking forward to the chip maker who actually gets it can look for these upgrades to select AMD supporting motherboards coming in the second quarter. So, Intel, are we looking at an instance of AMD outthinking you here? Sure seems like it. But I am not sure I would be willing to dump Intel based motherboards just for the promise of USB 3.0 just yet. Would you?

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