Simply rolling out your own ISP is a fascinating concept. And I suppose for large businesses, large neighborhood associations, etc., it may very well be a viable option based on what I have seen here. As the article points out, there is a significant challenge when trying to round up enough people in a nearby vicinity as to have a buy option for a connection that can be translated into something “ISP” worthy. But I think the idea is cool, though.

Now the article goes into the whole Net Neutrality thing, which I think gets too deep into politics and so I’ll leave that to the individual readers to sort that out themselves. But simply from a perspective of choice, having apartment buildings, companies, etc., all offering their own flavor of ISP would be fantastic as it might mean that these individual groups could set the rules on how their pipes are being used, instead of a single company.

So what say you? Hit us up here in the comments and let us know what you think of rolling your own ISP. If you had the means, would you undertake such a task?

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