If you’re a developer or designer, then chances are that you’ve had to use icons in your work before. This isn’t always so bad for designers because a lot of them prefer to create their own icons, but for a developer who doesn’t know anything about design, the process of finding good icons to use can be a disaster. This might seem like it wouldn’t be too hard to do because of all of the freely available images that are out there, but things are different with icons. A lot of them cost money, and a good portion of the free ones look hideous. What’s a designer or developer to do? Well, use Iconfinder, of course.

Iconfinder is a search engine for icons. You can either browse through the icon sets or search for something directly. One helpful feature is that you can narrow the results by pixel size. As you’ll see, the icons that are provided are beautiful and may be downloaded and used right away. I wish I would have found something like this back when I was developing software.