Ever since the 1860s, the Chinese people were contributing their talents to building railroads in the Golden State. I still recall when I lived up by Yosemite National Park, that there was a small town in the county called Chinese Camp. If memory serves me correctly, some 2,000 Chinese workers once lived in the area while the rail lines were being built and later gold mines . There is also an old Chinese cemetery that is stillĀ  near the town and legend states that this site was also one of the first to host a Tong war which involved some 25,000 combatants.

Well now our government wants the Chinese to build tracks again, but this time they want 215 mph trains as well. In a recent article it also states:

As it stands now, the deal involves the leasing of Chinese bullet train technology to General Electric. GE claims that 80 percent of the train components would be manufactured in the US, with China providing the technical know how and the other 20 percent of parts. To build the parts, GE may convert a joint GE/Toyota plant in Fremont, California that’s currently slated for closure.

In recent years, China has outpaced the US in high-speed rail technology, and has even begun to challenge early adopters like Europe and Japan. China has already built 4,000 miles of high-speed rail at home, and will add another 1,200 miles to its system this year. Like in other rail projects initiated by the China Government, China would foot the bill for a significant portion of the construction.

But, before you Californians run down to buy tickets for the new trains, you may wish to wait for a while. It doesn’t seem like this project is a done deal and others are also vying for the job. Japan is also in contention and has offered a similar plan to take on the high speed train venture.

In addition, with the financial woes that California is now experiencing, I would have serious doubts that the state nor the people have any interest in spending more money that they don’t have.

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