Are you a total social media addict? Not enough hours in the day to share all those interesting links on Twitter? Do you break out in a sweat at the prospect of having to sleep and be away from the world for 8 hours every night? Is checking Twitter and Facebook above brushing your teeth in your morning routine? If so, maybe automated Tweet scheduling is for you.

In all seriousness, there are several reasons why you may want to post updates to your social networks when you’re away from your computer. Maybe you have written a blog post about a big new TV show that is on this Saturday evening, the best time to promote the article maybe an hour before the show, the only problem is, you’re going to be out with friends then.

Journalists often write news pieces that are subject to embargoes. If a press release states the information may not be released publically until 8am on Monday morning, you may not fancy the prospect of waking up at 7am to write it.

Real-world activities might also get in the way if you host a pre-recorded Internet radio show or podcast and want to promote it, but maybe it’s broadcast at a time you’re asleep or working and cannot remind your followers to tune in.

There are several services on-line which will allow you to compose a message which you can then schedule to be posted on your social networks at a later time. The most simple way of doing this is by using a website designed for the purpose.

Tweet-u-Later is a very simple to use service. You simply log-in using your Twitter credentials, and then write your Tweet, then set a time on its calendar for it to post the update.

Another solution may be to have people assist you. If your business uses Twitter to promote services and content, having several members of your team posting to the company account can share a lot of the work. Services such as CoTweet allow you to set up multiple user profiles, without having to simply share the master log-in with everybody.

The final method is a bit more long-winded, but is also more flexible. Many social networks allow updates to be sent via email to a unique address which identifies your account. Twitter is one example, but more useful could be a service such as Using you can update all of your social networks at once, one message can be sent to your Twitter feed, Facebook and Myspace Status, Friendfeed etc. If you like to have a presence on all the leading platforms, this can be a great time-saving solution. does not support scheduled posts at the moment, but it does allow you to send updates to your networks via an email. Using an client such as Microsoft Outlook, you can compose emails and set them to be sent at a specified time. Delayed email delivery is very simple in Outlook 2007, simply construct your update as the email body-text, then click on the Options tab at the top, and then Delay Delivery and let Outlook know which time and date it should send the message.

With these simple methods you can ensure you never go an hour without Tweeting again in your life!