Not too long back I talked about some USB related frustrations. Well, it looks like this issue is not clearly defined as being OS related. I am seeing growing indications that this could be something related to the USB ports on the board or possibly even with the ports being poorly powered.

It’s even more frustrating as this is not my own computer — rather, one that belongs to a family friend. So every time it has a problem, I must either deal with it at his location or bring it back to my own home. Honestly, I am to the point where I’m ready to simply buy him a new one.

Having gone through every possibility known to man to make this work, at the OS level down to a clean installation on a new partition, I about at my wits’ end. I am now looking to add a new USB PCI card for the PC, then doubling up with a powered USB hub, just so I know that the ports are all being well powered.

If this doesn’t work, I can only conclude that something might be up with the motherboard or even the PSU. Have any non-software suggestions? I have proven that this is not a Windows/software solution. So I am definitely open to any suggestions on the hardware level… especially if you’ve dealt with a similar set of circumstances.

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