So the Opera browser has just hit 100 million users. A significant goal, considering how many people are still using other browsers worldwide. Don’t misunderstand — this is awesome news, to be sure. But the question I have is how is it doing after Chrome made its big debut on all of the popular platforms?

See, for me, that’s the real rub. I have Firefox, Opera, and Chrome installed. When I am not using Firefox, I find myself seeking out Chrome. No specific reason — just finding it to be more natural to use and at least as fast as the latest release of Opera.

What’s your take of Opera? Are you finding yourself moved by Opera’s solid numbers or perhaps, instead, you are so entrenched with Chrome or Firefox that you don’t really care? For me, I am stuck using Firefox. Been addicted to it ever since it was a project known simply as Mozilla and then split off to become Firebird. Yes, I have been using the Mozilla product for years. Don’t see Opera changing this any time soon.

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