Consumer Reports has issued a safety warning concerning the Lexus GX 460, which is a luxury SUV built by Toyota. According to its testing, Consumer Reports states that the vehicle has a tendency to roll over and therefore is making a do not buy recommendation. This comes on the heels of other bad press that the auto maker has had, concerning other models Toyota produces.

For those that are not familiar with stability control, it is a computer generated process that uses the brakes and accelerator to control abrupt maneuvers that could led to roll overs. Does it work? It sure does. I recall hitting a patch of black ice and my personal vehicle corrected a sliding situation and kept me on track. The importance of this feature cannot be overlooked, so the problem with the 2010 Lexus GX 460 is a major issue.

One report states that:

The problem with the Lexus’ ESC system became apparent during tests designed to detect a specific emergency handling problem — one in which a vehicle’s back end slides outward when the driver lifts his foot from the gas pedal during a turn. The GX’s ESC system did not become active until the SUV had already skidded dangerously, Love said.

The test mimics a driver’s typical response to encountering an obstacle in the midst of a turn or to finding a turn to be unexpectedly tight.

CR believes that, in real-world driving, that situation could lead to a rollover accident which could cause serious injury or death,” the magazine said in a statement.

However, Consumer Reports also said in its statement that is not aware of any reports of injuries or deaths caused by the problem.

The problem was not an isolated occurrence, Love said, but occurred during tests conducted by four different Consumer Reports test drivers. To confirm the results, Consumer Reports tested a second GX 460 and found the same problem.

For a vehicle that starts with a base price of $51,970, one would expect better quality control. I am sure this will just add to the fires about how Toyota is failing to deliver the quality it claims.

What do you think?