Overall, I’d say that Canonical has done a lot of good for the Linux world. Best at marketing, as they have helped to drive community involvement with the Ubuntu distro into the stratosphere, there are still some areas in which I think that the minds behind the success that is Ubuntu, need to desperately deal with.

While nothing ground breaking, in the past there has been problems with regressions in Ubuntu code and worse, bugs being dismissed as less than important. Now this is the opinion had here, although I largely agree that trying to get an Ubuntu developer to take a bug seriously is like pulling hair. Been waiting on an OpenChrome bug on a select video chipset that is still not addressed yet last I looked ,was marked as resolved – nonsense.

As for the article recommending alternative distros such as Mandriva or Simply Mepis, I say good for them. If these are alternative distros that meet with their needs, awesome. Never cared for Mandriva, but I used to be a huge fan of Simply Mepis. And with their return to a Debian base, I am sure the will provide a great stable experience for those interested in using it.