We’re all spoiled with the immediate access to information that we have because of the Internet. No matter what we want to research, we can get more than enough information in just a few seconds with a couple clicks of the mouse and a few letters pressed on the keyboard. This quick access is especially helpful when we want to get the latest information on breaking news. Many of us search through blogs and Twitter to find out what’s being said. Yes, gaining access to news stories and text is very easy online, but what if you want to focus on the latest pictures related to trending topics? This can also be done, but it’s not usually as seamless. NachoFoto brings everything together and makes searching for the latest photos as easy as searching for the latest news.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll see a list of some trending topics that you can explore, but if you have something else in mind, feel free to search for it. The pictures that you’ll see come from a variety of sources, and depending on the size and importance of the subject matter, you could end up with a lot of different options. A slider is also available to help you filter the results by time period. Reading a story is nice, but sometimes seeing it for yourself from a variety of perspectives and angles is even better.