This morning some more new builds of Opera have been made available, for Windows, Mac and Unix/Linux. More bugs have been quashed and a few more features have been fleshed out.


…go grab the new Opera 10.52 builds released by the Opera Software Desktop Team.

Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, these latest snapshots include the following changes:

– The Windows and UNIX ‘notrayicon’ command line switch has been converted to a preference
– Fixed DSK-293735 (Fix Carakan on PPC)
– Fixed DSK-293753 (Performance regressions in build 3346)
– Fixed CARAKAN-1245 (GCing with a JSON parser instance in an uninitialised state)
– Fixed CORE-28932 (Some FTP links doesn’t work)
– Fixed CORE-29063 (Swedish BankID crashes Opera, on
– Fixed CORE-29139 (Fixes to make Zip compressor work with PPC)
– Fixed DSK-291828 (UNIX: Unite Media Player closes down by itself right after being launched)
Opera Widgets
– Fixed DSK-276007 (UNIX: fileio browseForDirectory doesn’t launch dialogue)
– Fixed DSK-249873 (UNIX: Crash occurs after closing widget)
– Fixed DSK-249947 (UNIX: Double click on wgt file should start widget installer)
– Fixed DSK-271916 (UNIX: Widget Manager do not contain icon for every exported widget)
– Fixed DSK-273524 (UNIX: Add application/x-opera-widgets and application/x-opera-uniteapplication to mimetype list)
– Fixed DSK-290760 (UNIX: Choosing any option from widgets context menu crashes widget)
– KDE4 Skinning enabled
– Support for system session manager interaction: automatic exit and restart
– Support for native X11 dialog/messageboxes
– Command line options re-enabled
– Do not scan for opera on startup unless a lock file is detected: Should improve startup time.
– Fixed DSK-293120 (Stop using xdg-utils with the rpms)
– Fixed DSK-293776 (Fix broken XDG files on RPM upgrade)
– Fixed DSK-275880 (–help output and –debughelp output are mixed up.)
– Fixed DSK-283431 (Opening Opera through the command line opens 3 windows)
– Fixed DSK-286971 (Non-ASCII dialogue titles are broken)
– Fixed DSK-289505 (Mouse keys ("Button6" and "Button7", as reported by xev) don’t work)
– Fixed DSK-292266 ("opera -version" starts opera)
– Fixed DSK-292425 ([regression] keyup event is not fired for input elements)
– Fixed DSK-292933 (Send events for mouse buttons 4-9 to core.)
– Fixed DSK-292934 (Add additional back and forward mapping to mouse buttons 8 and 9.)
– Fixed DSK-291499 (Opera 10.51 will not run on windows XP x64 for some users)
– Fixed DSK-293250 (Missing plugin box not clickable)
– Fixed DSK-288967 (Streamline MSI/Installshield installer)

One thing I have found with the latest 10.52 beta [build 3347] on Windows, is that sometimes (while on Lockergnome, especially) I will lose the ability to scroll the window up or down with the mouse cursor inside the page, and must instead go to the scroll bar on the right of the browser window. This is a bug I have reported twice, and yet I see no acknowledgement.

Also, on some downloads, the filename is not being passed to the Opera download window, so when the user tries to put a name in, so as to continue the download, the browser crashes. This happens only on certain pages, and as yet I have not determined what the code is that is causing the problem, but it is extremely repeatable.

The bug list above is showing things I have not experienced, but I would think that many would be complaining about the inability of Opera to install on XP 64. I’ll have to try this out. Still, the fix is moving to any version of 10.52…

Onward. I certainly would like to see the Chrome/Flash plugin/updater solution emulated soon in Opera. It’s in the best interest of everyone involved.


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