We’re all connected in more ways today than we’ve ever been before. Our friends and followers can contact us in many different ways through many different services. Thanks to these direct lines of communication, it’s pretty easy for us to learn more about what a person is really like, and this is one of the reasons why people love to follow celebrities on Twitter. The process of getting to know someone has even spurred the development of services that exist for the purpose of enabling people to ask someone a question and have them answer it. Plank is one of those services.

It’s a simple idea, and you could do this type of thing on other services, but having a dedicated place where people can learn more about you is interesting. Visitors can ask you questions using text or video, and you can reply to them using text or video. The ability to use video adds that personal touch that you just can’t get with text. Questions can also be voted up and down, so you’ll know what people want you to answer. It’s time to share yourself with the world.