What sounds like it could be an impossible task, Google is introducing what they call ‘Google Cloud Print’ in which any application will be able to print to every printer. As we all know, the traditional print system requires that a driver be installed for a particular hardware device. Since this is not a practical solution for those who may chose to use the Chromium OS, Google is going to try and address this problem. The testing and deveopment stages should prove interesting and if Google is able to pull this off, should add considerable value to their operating system when it becomes available.

In addition, on The Chromium Blog site it also states the following information:

Google Cloud Print is still under development, but today we are making code and documentation public as part of the open-source Chromium and Chromium OS projects. While we are still in the early days of this project, we want to be as transparent as possible about all aspects of our design and engage the community in identifying the right set of open standards to make cloud-based printing ubiquitous. You can view our design docs and outlines here and we hope you stay tuned for updates in the coming months.


If Google is able to pull this off,  it could give the company a huge advantage in the race to cloud computing. The ability to print from any where will make Google’s cloud computing even more attractive.

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