An Atom processor with a bit more power to it. Sure sounds attractive on the netbook front, but can it work without pushing a hit off to the power consumption of netbooks employing these new processors? This remains to be seen, I think. On top of all of that, there is also the issue of whether or not we need to be concerned about any potential for heat issues.

On a more positive note, if we can safely assume the above issues are being dealt with, having a dual-core Atom CPU would add an entire new dimension to the netbook world. Multitasking would be a lot smoother and we would definitely see a fairly sweet performance boost without a huge hit to the pocketbook.

Unfortunately the only netbook purchase that took place in my household has already taken place. So even though these things might be out fairly soon, I am sadly no longer in the market. Perhaps this is a good thing though? After all, there are bound to be some minor issues to be ironed out initially, right? Just some food for thought. Have a great weekend everyone.

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