I first reported about a farmer in Northern Ireland who had his cows on a treadmill powering up juice for his electrical needs. [See article here.]  Now a Hotel in Denmark is paying their guests to cycle their way to a free meal by supplying some 10 watt-hours of power while cycling. But it gets even better. For the 15 minutes of pedal power the cyclist gets a $36 dollar meal voucher, which is a substantial reward for doing something that most people do for free.

The article goes on to state that:

The bikes are hooked up to generators that require guests of average fitness to pedal for about 15 minutes to create 10 watt-hours of electricity. iPhones attached to the handlebars display the amount of power being generated.

This hardly represents a shocking development for a nation that just can’t stop polishing its green credentials after hosting the international climate summit this past winter.

Which does make one wonder. Maybe we could all help out with out energy problems by cycling our way to add some juice to the electrical grid. What do you think? Should we do the cycling or have the cows do it? LOL

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