In a recent report, California is being touted as the Apple product capital of the world. The San Francisco Bay Area is the number 1 in ownership for Apple devices, which should come as no surprise. S.F. residents ownership of at least one Apple product is at 32.3% which includes iPods. iPhones and of course Mac computers. Boston came in second with 31.3% of Bostonian residents owning at least one Apple product.

The report also stated that:

The biggest surprises on the list are probably the metro areas of Monterey-Salinas, and Santa Barbara-Santa Marina, Calif., which come in eighth and ninth place. Monterey-Salinas, described by Experian Simmons as “upscale, coastal,” is a relatively small region south of the Bay Area that the surveyor calls “home to barely a half million adults and only one (busy) Apple store.” Perhaps a result of their affluence (in some parts, anyway) and relative proximity to Apple’s headquarters and Silicon Valley, these regions rank ahead of far bigger metro areas like Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; Atlanta; and Philadelphia.

So with California cities leading the Apple product ownership list, would it be safe to say that California is the real ‘Big Apple’? LOL

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