Back when Sun was a company that everyone loved, and the company was actively trying to make Sun Office, or Open Office, a logical alternative to the Microsoft product, a download was offered freely to allow those using MS Office to read and write ODF files with no problems or extra time spent in conversions.

Now that Oracle has eclipsed Sun, with most of the references to Sun disappearing day by day, Oracle is showing that it is only concerned with money. In fact, it’s all about the money. Beneficence is not in the Oracle dictionary. Other words and phrases, like “shooting oneself in the foot” and “cutting off one’s nose to spite the face” seem to also be missing.

Not only is greed in evidence at Oracle, the story there must also include a wicked streak of stupidity, because only the stupid would think that anyone running MS Office would pay the exorbitant price that Oracle now wants for that plug-in.


Sun released a plug-in back in 2007 for Microsoft Office that allowed Office users to work with Open Document Format (ODF) documents. The Sun ODF Plug-in was maintained by Sun and offered as a free download. The recent acquisition of Sun by Oracle had an impact on the availability of the plug-in.

The Sun ODF Plug-in for Microsoft Office is now offered for the premium price of $99 per application user plus an annual support fee of $19.80 with a minimum order quantity of 100 licenses. No information are currently offered if the product will be made available to Office end users as well.

The main Sun ODF Plug-in page is still displaying a Get it now. Free button which when clicked links to the new pricing information that are then redirecting the user to the Oracle shop.

Microsoft Office 2007 has integrated ODF 1.0 support with the release of the service pack 2. The ODF plug-in on the other hand adds support for ODF 1.2 document formats introduced in Open Office 3.2.

If you follow the link to gHacks, you can see the rest of the silliness. There is  a full page devoted to those that might be odd enough to purchase the plug-in.

It is sad that Oracle is so lazy as to not change the links, and worse yet, those running the show seem to be delusional, because there are a few places that one can buy the previous version of Microsoft Office [new] for less than the $110 per seat that Oracle thinks its plug-in is worth.

While Oracle is so large it will not go away soon, it certainly seems that the company is trying its best to destroy anything ever related to Sun software.


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