Like with any new device, there are always going to be the pros and cons, likes and dislikes, and opinions galore about the device. So with the Apple iPad, we have similar reactions from all over the Internet. We already have some people that are trying to convince us that they are so called experts when it comes to the iPad. But if one looks at the iPad and what it does and doesn’t do, I believe that coming up with a rational evaluation is fairly simple.

When I read a recent article from Joe Wilcox, I felt that Joe presented some very logical reasons about the good, bad, and downright ugly parts of using the iPad. In fact I agreed with all of his opinions except for one, which I will attack him on! I am laughing because one of his points was that the iPad is great for those over 55 years old, since it can only do one thing at a time.

The good: The iPad shines for those who would like to take a computer with them when they use the toilet. Another big benefit is for those who fly a lot. The TSA has labeled the iPad as being security friendly and there is no need to remove it from your carry on bag. With that being said, it is only going to be a matter of time before someone, somewhere, uses an iPad to sneak something on board a plane.

The bad: The iPad is big. The next generation of the iPad should offer a smaller model. If you have a large music library, forget about storing your stuff on an iPad. The biggies: No Flash. No USB ports.

The ugly: I hate fingerprints! The iPad is a fingerprint magnet.

Overall: It is a great way to get a Mac at a cheap price compared to a laptop. You can work faster on an iPad for some tasks that do not require the use of a keyboard or mouse. The next generation of the iPad will be cheaper and better than the original.

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