Of all the mysteries of modern life, the frequent disappearance of the remote control provides a disproportionate contribution to family strife.

It always seems to happen at an inopportune moment… immediately before someone’s favorite show, for example. Or when something inappropriate for younger eyes suddenly appears on the screen.

“Where’s the remote control?” comes the cry from the couch or recliner.

The answer to the missing remote control is often found buried inside that couch or recliner. Remote controls have an unnerving capacity to burrow deep into the cushions. On occasion, they may seek refuge under the furniture, as they seek solace with the dust bunnies.

Sometimes they grow legs, and travel to the next room… or wings, that fly them to the other side of the house. This, however, is most rare.

A remote control has to go missing at least once a week here at Ranchero Indebto. It must be specified in their contract. After all, how long could you go along with everyone pushing your buttons all night?

It’s not so odd in that context. Perhaps they just need a little break from the pressures of life.

What’s the strangest place you’ve found a missing remote control?