Advertising seems to be everywhere. Long-time gnomies will remember when Chris Pirillo’s chest was the canvas for some advertising.

Now advertising may have found a new venue. A man with terminal cancer wants to sell advertising on his two urns to defray funeral costs:

“… His plan is to sell advertising space on two urns that will hold his ashes – one for his wife and one for his parents.

“I’m on different chemo now,” said Jamison, who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of colon cancer. It has spread to his liver and lymph nodes. “If it works, I’ve got about nine months. If it doesn’t work, I’ve got three. So I’m trying to get on the ball with the ad sales.”

link: Ore. man selling ad space on his urn

In this poor economy where advertising dollars have to be spent carefully, is this a ‘can’t miss’ opportunity? Will there be advertising on headstones?