Last Monday Bill Gates gave speeches at Stanford and U.C. Berkeley.In his speech at Stanford Mr. Gates spoke in the subject of giving back and the best way to make a difference. He was asked the question if  the best way of giving back was through the public and private sector and his reply was:

“most jobs in the private sector don’t really work on the important problems.”

Bill Gates seems to have a different attitude now that he is away from Microsoft, compared to when he was the head honcho for the mega software company. During his stint at Microsoft, one would guess that his priorities were to make as much money as possible, with little regard for the world around him. But now that he and his wife have formed the  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, his priorities have changed drastically and I believe this change is for the better.

One could ask, why has Bill Gates made such a dramatic change in his attitude? I personally believe that Gates has seen the light. One could conclude that he has finally realized that making money does not bring happiness into ones life. I am sure that his wife Melinda has also been instrumental in orchestrating these changes and that giving is in fact better than receiving.

What ever the reasons, I believe we should applaud the efforts of the Bill and Melinda Foundation and their efforts to ease some of the suffering in the world.

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