It has been a good long time since I paid any attention to changes in the look of Firefox. I became very happy with Opera and now I rarely see Firefox. For the last year or so it has only been when I use a Linux distribution that I see it, and if I’m using that distribution on my own machine I quickly change to Opera or Iron.

So imagine the feeling I got when I was looking around over at Instant Fundas, and all of the pictures shown of the upcoming Firefox look seem vaguely familiar. After looking up and down the page, I realized that these pictures look like the looks of Opera from around 7-8 months ago, when many of the newest themes were being made for Opera 10.1.

Of all the things like Opera, one remains different, and I must say I like it, and think it would be great if Opera had a similar look – the download windows, being smaller and popping up is really nice. Though I am used to the way Opera operates in this regard, I like the Firefox small window.

It does show that everyone lifts stuff from everyone else, and much of the time, Opera has been in the lead of design. However, Firefox has a few things that are very nice, as does Chrome. Of all the latest browsers, only internet Exploder has gotten worse instead of better. IE8 got better performance, but worse in the looks department. IE7 was the highpoint for Microsoft browser UI design. (I haven’t used the IE9 Preview, but I would hope it drifts toward the look of IE7, or else copies another browser.)

Take a look at the Firefox panels, and then compare to the lighter themes from Opera, I think you’ll see the resemblance of most of the bits and pieces shown.


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