Up to now, the 5, 10, and 20 dollar denominations have been the ones to get the designer touch, with more color and a variation in icon sizing. Now it is time for the $100 to get some changes. The $1 bill is not getting any makeover, because it doesn’t get counterfeited, but I suspect because it is also still on borrowed time – there are many in government that want to eliminate the one dollar bill, letting it be naturally replaced with the Sacagawea dollar coin.

The $100 is the most widely counterfeited bill outside the United States, while the $20 is the one that domestic bad guys like to use for practice, states the Treasury.

The makeover was originally scheduled for 2008, but apparently too many other things were going wrong at the time…something about a financial meltdown.

There will be some very fancy things about the new C-note, as it will have a Liberty Bell that disappears when viewed from various angles, a bright blue security ribbon, and an inkwell. No one is saying how these designs were chosen. The good news is that Ben Franklin will still be on the bill.

The story on MSN tells us that though the bills have now made their debut, they will not get into the hands of the public until February 10 of next year. Again, no details as to the significance of the date.

There will be a site for people to visit to view the changes, and the various effects of the smaller images that will be visible and then fade as the bill moves in front of our eyes.

Those of us older than thirty remember the fact that many people used to be proud of the fact that our money did not use many colors, reminding us that it was serious green, and not play, or Monopoly money.


I’m thinking that there should be a tribute to “W”, he should get his picture on a piece of currency. It could be a $3 bill, but when you pay for something, you only get back change based on one dollar.

-The Oracle


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