I am sure that by now you have heard the story of the Apple guy who left the prototype of a new Apple iPhone 4G behind in a bar. It seems that the phone may have slipped from his trousers onto a bar stool, found by a patron, sold to Gizmodo, examined, photographed, wrote about and finally was returned to Apple.

During the period the phone was away from the hands of Apple, almost every news agency carried the story. But there was common theme that the news agencies had and that was the leaked phone was a plant, providing free advertising for the folks at Apple. Let’s face it. Free advertising is hard to come by these days with every one charging something for even free news. So one could rationally conclude that the Apple employee may of left the phone behind on purpose. This drinking establishment is a frequent hot spot for Silicon Valley types to rub elbows and converse about technological stuff over a mug full of suds. What better place to leave the new phone?

Of course if the phone was left by accident, one could ask why the employee even had the phone away from the Apple campus? Apple is noted for their high security measures to protect their new products from prying eyes. It is also conceivable that since the phone looked like its older sibling, that Apple thought the disguise would work.

So what do you think? Was the phone accidentally lost or lost on purpose?

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