There really is no one answer as to what makes a blog successfully. Some popular blogs are completely offensive while others are extremely thoughtful. Others are very well written while others are grammatically incorrect with poor punctuation. However, there are some basic elements that can improve the success of a blog.

  • Successful blogs are both interesting and engaging. If a reader is interested in the content and sufficiently engaged, he or she is likely to become a regular follower.
  • Successful blogs provide a venue for readers to comment. The ability to comment helps keep readers more engaged.
  • Successful blogs are frequently updated (frequently being when you have something worth blogging about). Remember though, quality is more important that quantity.
  • Successful blogs include visual elements. Images are more likely to grab readers’ attention and draw them in.
  • Successful blogs have a defined scope and are written by someone with expertise with the topics.
  • Successful blogs contain personal insight. This gives the readers’ something personal to which they can connect.
  • Finally, with all the blogs available these days, remember that the more successful ones are original! If there are already several blogs on “How to Create a Successful Blog,” readers won’t be compelled to reader yet another one.