When you’re wanting to get recommendations for businesses that you should pay attention to, are you more likely to listen to complete strangers or close friends? I’m sure the majority of us would agree that recommendations from our personal friends mean more than recommendations from people we don’t even know. Our friends know who we are and what we like, which means that their recommendations are personalized. Additionally, we know who they are, so we have a good idea of the motivation behind their recommendations. A site called Buzz.com connects you with personalized recommendations from your friends and family.

As a user, you can favorite the businesses that you love, and that helps your inner circle to be aware of your preferences when they’re researching a particular business. In turn, seeing the businesses that your friends have declared their love for helps you to know what’s worth your time, and the ability to ask for suggestions makes the process much more interactive. Buzz.com is from AT&T, so you know that their business listings are going to be qualified.