One caller the other night had some questions about whether or not he should purchase a Mac mini. He actually asked me if a Mac mini would be Windows machine running on a quad-core system. Uhm. No. It’s not. You can’t even begin to compare those two systems. If anything, the Mac mini would be more along the lines of a Windows machine with a Core 2 Duo.

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A Mac mini will work well if you don’t need anything really powerful. If you’re going to browse the Web and watch some videos, it’s great. However, if you want to do any video editing or game playing, forget it. The mini isn’t going to fit the bill when it comes to system-intensive tasks.

Our caller mainly uses his computer to surf the Web, check his email, and watch YouTube videos. He also does a lot of selling on eBay, so he prints a lot of shipping labels. The Mac mini may very well suit him perfectly.