I have had the opportunity to see James Cameron’s movie Avatar, in 3D form and also in 2D. I haven’t mentioned my preference to which I like better, since I didn’t want to see like I was prejudiced against one technology or the other. But after doing some checking on the Internet, I have discovered I am not the ‘Lone Ranger’, which it comes to preferring seeing Avatar in 2D. Yes, folks, 2D rules!

Let me explain to you what happened and how I ended up seeing the movie twice, something I do not normally do. When Avatar first came out it appeared at one of our local cinema in 3D and  that charges the full rate of what people are willing to pay, which in this case was $8.50 per ticket. In addition we were overcharged for our popcorn and soda’s and it ended up being a $30 evening to see the movie for my wife and I. My impression. I liked the movie but 3D didn’t exactly make my day. It was just O.K.. IMHO

Last Saturday I took my 10 year old grandson to see Avatar in 2D at our local cheap movie theater which charges only $2.50 per ticket. Yes, they still get you on the over priced popcorn and drinks, but the price is right. OK. The price is down right cheap! LOL Since the ticket price was cheap, I would assume that they could only get the cheaper 2D movie. Just a guess on my part.

Bottom line. I enjoyed the movie more in 2D than I did in 3D. Not wanting to be the only person who may have though this, I kept my thoughts to myself. So I decided to do some surfing around to see if anyone else felt this way. You guessed it. There are people who agreed with my opinion. In fact in one poll taken the 2D voices prevailed. There were only 64 votes total, but 38 of those voting preferred 2D over 3D.

I am prejudiced? Yes, I must admit I am. I personally believe that 3D is just a gimmick that will fade fast once the public sees for themselves that a movie in 2D offers more than one in 3D. Just my 2 cents.

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