Compromised Facebook accounts are for sale. They go in lots of a thousand and the cost depends upon the number of friends in the account. The high end price is forty five dollars for a thousand accounts. There are a million and a half accounts for sale, by just one hacker.

The Facebook accounts are valuable to spread malware:

“… “Once you have the name and address and other profile-type information from a social networking site, you can use it to corroborate your way into debit card accounts and bank accounts through social engineering, ” Howard added. “You could also use these accounts as a platform to distribute malware through the friend system. Even as a security guy, I have to double and triple clutch when it comes to accepting friend invites from people that I do not know.”

link: 1.5 Million Facebook Accounts for Sale in Web Forum, VeriSign Reports

If this is just the ‘business’ inventory of one hacker, then one wonders how many Facebook accounts have been compromised. For some Facebook account holders, it is a matter of pride to build up the number of ‘friends online’. Some of those so-called friends may have criminal intent in mind. Networking on a service such as Facebook absolutely requires attention to privacy and security. Without that focus, the Facebook account may end up as part of a hacker’s sales inventory.

Catherine Forsythe