This week, tech bloggers couldn’t get enough of the new Facebook strategy to take over the Internet. Every site you visited had information about how you can now use your Facebook account to navigate sites like CNN to see what articles on the site your friends “Liked”.

Mark Zuckerberg wants “Like” buttons on every web site tied to your Facebook account. He wants Facebook Connect to be the way you authenticate and use social features anywhare on the web. There’s only one problem though. I don’t want my web site visits tied in with the idiots I went to high school with.

Facebook continues to push the envelope in violating our privacy. They regularly make changes to their privacy statement and move forward with their new plans. Then when there is a backlash, they pull back, but just a little bit just so they can say they are concerned about privacy too. Users are left desensitized to the point where Zuckerburg can make announcements on new “features” like this that rival Beacon without anybody batting an eye.

The tentacles have reached out far enough. I like Facebook when it’s in its little, boxed in environment, just sitting there waiting for me when I choose to use it. Not constantly trying to log every site I’ve visited and what ads to show me so it can grow to become the next Google.

Will Zuckerberg and his neverending quest to be big brother ever let up? Or will users finally get fed up make Facebook the next coming of MySpace and abandon or delete our accounts? Twitter, I’m lookin’ at you!

If you want to opt out of these new features, visit Facebook and go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications & Websites > Instant Personalization > Uncheck Allow.