Mark Cuban is making an assumption that Microsoft could be in a position to buy Facebook and take advantage of what Facebook is offering net-citizens. It is his opinion that Facebook has become the Internet and poses a real problem for both Apple and Google. But what Facebook doesn’t have is a lot of cash to throw around, which is something Microsoft could help with. If Facebook could come out with its own mobile operating system like Google, Apple, and Microsoft have done, it could control its own destiny. Mobile phone companies who choose to use the Facebook mobile operating system would skyrocket to the top, pushing all other phones to the side.

Mark Cuban also states that:

It wont be long, if it hasn’t already happened, that Google and Apple will see Facebook as a unique threat to their future.  Apple has some level of connection to its customer/users, Google has minimal if any connection to its users. Facebook knows more than all of us like to admit about its users. It has our personal information, our pictures, our friends, our family members, our employers, and business associates all in a database and it is extending that information base to what we like on sites outside the Facebook platform.  Plus it is creating its own currency. Just as important is the fact that we are progressively spending more time on Facebook than we are sites and applications that Apple and Google can control .  That is a threat to Apple and Google.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the concept of Apple excluding Flash from its mobile platform would have been laughable. It’s not any longer. Both Apple and Google have to see Facebook as the greatest threat to their futures. The question is what do they do about it and how does Facebook respond?

Enter Microsoft. Already a shareholder.  Already with a mobile and desktop operating system /development platform. Most important, already with billions in cash and the capacity to pay 15 or 20 Billion dollars or more to acquire Facebook.

There is no doubt that this is NOT the direction that Facebook wants to go. It wants to remain independent. But just as Apple and Google quickly turned from friends to foes, Facebook will soon be the object that both of those companies see in the rearview mirror.  I don’t see either Apple or Google as being suitors to buy Facebook. That isn’t their style. On the other hand, it’s straight out of the Microsoft playbook. If you can’t beat them or outlast them, buy them.

Time will tell, but there is no question that Facebook is quickly becoming the biggest threat to the futures of Apple and Google.

But is this a realistic scenario?  I believe it is. Like Mr. Cuban says, this would be the ideal time for Microsoft to make a move and put both rivals Apple and Google in their place. The Redmond giant has been struggling against both companies and what better way to take the lead but to buy Facebook and move ahead at warp speed?

It could call the new company Micro-book.

Or are those who are saying that Facebook is the new Internet full of beans?  You decide. Share your thoughts.

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