By no means am I going to sit here and exclaim that this is a Google killer. Two factors here include that Google has the market share and is always evolving its search efforts as well. But man, I must admit – DuckDuckGo is now my default search tool during my testing period.

Let’s look at some examples, because what everyone is looking for from search varies.

Windows – Bing, Windows – Google, Windows – DuckDuckGo. In this instance, Google is dead last, as it assumes I must mean the operating system. Bing comes in first, as it provides me a clear choice of either the OS or the clear glass product. And DuckDuckGo hits second place, as it does what Bing explains — that there are different versions of Windows (glass product or OS), but fails to provide linkage to the glass product in the immediate list at the top. Oddly, it mentions arts and entertainment…

Now let’s try HP Laptop.

HP Laptop – Bing, HP Laptop – Google, HP Laptop – DuckDuckGo. One might think that this is a loss here, but not so fast. I never chose to look for products to buy. I merely did a query, so in my case, DuckDuckGo gave me what I asked for, instead of pricing results. But others might want the Bing/Google product placement experience instead.

There were a number of other searches, and this is what I discovered. For product based searches, stick to Google or Bing. For researching something specific, all three search engines do pretty well. But for most of the queries I threw out there, DuckDuckGo did very well over the competition.

If you are recommending a search engine for someone dealing with info overload from the “other guys,” DuckDuckGo is the way to go. If you value your privacy, DuckDuckGo easily wins.

Over the next few days, I am going to exclusively use DuckDuckGo. It should be interesting to see if I am able to successfully use them over Google.

[awsbullet:Search Engine Optimization For Dummies]